Providing a meeting point for app creators to collaborate on offering the best Linux user experience.


  • Offer a space for the different system and app creators to meet and build together.
  • Nurture a welcoming ecosystem which promotes diversity and participation.
  • Establish a go-to event for creators developing applications for non-Linux platforms, and provide an environment to learn how to embrace Linux-based systems.
  • Shed light on how to make products for the Linux platform sustainable; be it technically, economically, or otherwise.


  • Stimulate collaboration within the ecosystem.
  • Offer a coherent front to 3rd party application developers who want to make sure their software is available on Linux.
  • Enable a business-friendly environment.
  • Facilitate app creators to meet key contributors, projects, businesses, and organizations in the Linux app ecosystem.
  • Reliably provide physical space for conversations to happen.
  • Provide a space where people can discuss what they are working on and care about.
  • Make sure different approaches to Linux application creation, distribution, and any concept in-between, are heard and can be accounted for.



  • We organised a joint conference between GNOME and KDE.
  • Most of those who could and wanted, managed to come and know us, explain their story.
  • We exposed ourselves as a unified front to 3rd party providers as well as possible sponsors.


  • We reiterate, we are here to stay
  • We continue the conversation with the 3rd parties, we find ways to get them more involved.
  • We co-locate and manage to get our voice out more easily. Virtual.


  • We move to spring
  • We build upon last year’s work